Since 1998 toolsfactory software produces highly sophisticated tools to enhance your development productivity. Quality and customer satisfaction were always the cornerstones of our efforts. We will continue with this tradition - pushing hard to bring you the best tools for your development.

After operating out of the US for 19 years, toolsfactory is now located back in Austria, where it all began a quarter century ago.

If you have any questions about toolsfactory, our products or if you need information on ordering toolsfactory products, please feel free to send email to spam protected email address, click to send email.

toolsfactory Milestones

Nothing proves long-term commitment like a 20+ year history of constant product improvement and maintenance.

  • 1996: Release of ClassExplorer 1.
  • 1998: Foundation of toolsfactory in Vienna.
  • 1998: Borland bundles ClassExplorer with C++Builder.
  • 1998: Release of ClassExplorer 2.
  • 1999: Release of ClassExplorer 4.
  • 2000: Release of Doc-O-Matic 1.
  • 2001: Release of Doc-O-Matic 2.
  • 2002: toolsfactory moves to Hamburg, Germany.
  • 2003: Release of Doc-O-Matic 3.
  • 2003: toolsfactory moves to Nevada, USA.
  • 2003: Release of ClassViz.
  • 2004: Release of Doc-O-Matic 4.
  • 2006: Release of Doc-O-Matic 5.
  • 2007: Release of Doc-O-Matic 6.
  • 2010: Release of Doc-O-Matic 7.
  • 2016: Release of Doc-O-Matic 10.
  • 2022: toolsfactory moves to Austria.


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